Key Points for Starting a Business

Eight Steps to Starting A Business

Looking at Buying a Business- How Do I Decide which is the Right One?

Creating a Successful Market Niche

Business Strategy- a Choice of Three

24 Low Cost Ways to Market your New or Existing Business

Buying and Selling a Business-  Determining its Value

Buying a Business- Due Diligence

Choosing a Business Name

How Much is a Business Worth?

The First Steps After You Buy the Business

Starting in Business- Basic Tax Obligations

Business Legal Structures

Comparison between Sole Trader, Partnership and Company

Sole Trader Business Structure- Advantages/ Disadvantages

Partnership Business Structure- Advantages/ Disadvantages

Company Business Structure- Advantages/ Disadvantages

Buying a Business- Advantages/ Disadvantages/ What to Look for

The Importance of Accounting

You are an Investor- Are you in Business?

Is Your Activity a Business or Hobby?

Obtaining a Business Loan- Key Steps

Borrowing Money

Creative ways to Finance a Business Purchase

Venture Capital

Goodwill and its Valuation

Insurance Matters- Is Your Business at Risk?

What you Need to Know about Record Keeping

Finding Customers

Setting Prices

Setting Up an Office

Business Plan- Reasons for/ Preparation

Writing a Business Plan- Detailed Analysis

Goal Setting in Business

Financial Management Planning

Personal Planning for Business People

Ten Step Strategic Plan

Creating Cash Flow Projections

Whats Profit and How to Improve it?

Business Skills and Management- how to be Pointed towards Profit

Financial Management

Non-Chargeable Time and Factoring it into Your Fees

Ten Tips for Winning Sales

Pricing your Product or Service

Small Business Debt Strategies

Smart P.C. Buying

Reasons for Business Failures

Qualities Required of a Successful Business Person

Cutting Costs in Your Business

Are you Making Any of these 10 Deadly Small Business Mistakes?

43 Ideas to Promote Your Business

ACC- Glossary of ACC Terms


Goods and Service Tax- The Basics and Some Suggestions

Goods and Service Tax- The Various Basis's and How to Change a Basis

GST- Zero-Rated and Exempt Supplies

GST- Second Hand Goods

GST- Cancelling Registration

GST- Changing filing frequency

Provisional Tax- What it is and How does it Work

Expenses you can claim if you work from home

To Lease or Own

Legal Expenses- Deductible/ Nondeductible

Motor Vehicle Expenses- Deductibility/ Keeping  LogBook

Entertainment Expenses

Partnerships- Allocation of Profits

Tax Audits

Keeping of Records

Direct Selling- Commission Agent, Independent Reseller or Employee?- Tax Ramnifications



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