To be eligible for family assistance the person looking after the child needs to be either:

          A New Zealand resident and have been living in the country continuously for at least 12 months at any time. They need to be a tax resident in New Zealand when they apply for family Assistance payments, or

          Caring for a child who is both resident and present in New Zealand .


Family assistance cannot be granted if the person applying:

          Is in New Zealand illegally

          Is here on a visitorís permit

          Only has a temporary work permit, or

          Is here on a study grant


Families can register for Family Assistance at any time of the year.   To apply, have your IRD Number handy and call 0800-257-773 and request a Family Assistance Registration Pack (IR200).   The Family Assistance (FS1) Application Form is found in the pack.   The information that you will have to supply when completing the FS1 is:

          Details about yourself and your partner (if applicable)

          IRD Numbers of child/ children in your care- you can get IRD Numbers by completing an IR594 Application Form, also in the pack

          An estimation of your income for the year

          Birth Certificate of child/ children- if child/ children do not already have an IRD Number

          Any other information about other income you receive (e.g. self employment)


Family assistance is financial help for families with children aged 18 or under who are financially dependent and are living at home. Inland Revenue pays family assistance to families whose main income is from working.

There are four parts to Family Assistance, and depending on circumstances a family may be entitled to one or more types of support.

Family Support is ongoing financial support for working families.
Child Tax Credit is a payment of up to $15 a week for each child 18 years or under who live at home, for eligible families not receiving any other government assistance.
Family Tax Credit is for families who earn less than $18,368 a year. This payment will top up their income up to the minimum wage ($286 a week after tax). At least one parent must be working for salary or wages to claim it.
Parental Tax Credit is a one-off payment to help with financial expenses after a baby is born. Depending on the parent's income, this could be as much as $1,200.


There are two options for receiving Family Assistance payments.   To receive payments fortnightly, taxpayers need to estimate to IRD how much they will earn in the year they are applying for the payments. The other option is to receive a lump sum payment at the end of the year, in which case an estimation of income is not required.




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